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New toy 2







It is now time to unveil the new toy. You could see leather case on a previous post.

Now here is a photograph of the camera itself.

I believe you will agree with me in saying it is a beautiful piece of chraftmanship.

A product from Agfa in Germany built around 1960, it was called Agfaflex in the USA and

Ambiflex in the rest of the world.

Agfa, photography, camera, Ambiflex

I got mine with four lenses. The one visible on the picture : 

- Color Solagon 50 mm f:2.0


- Color Ambion 35 mm f:3.4

- Color Telinear 90 mm f:3.4

- Color Telinear 135 mm f:4.0

I am in the process of shooting the first film. I shall keep you posted on the









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