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Voyage - Page 2

  • Kok cooking

    restaurant, Paris, 75013, Vietnamese, Chinese, soup, Kok, France

    Last Sunday evening I just felt I had to get some Asian food. It had been one of my favourite food, the one my mother would cook on special days. She was quite a good cook. And as so many people who had lived in Indochina she had fallen in love with this country, its population and its food.

    My feet led me to a red awning restaurant. Why this one ? It is hard to say. The tables outside were packed with clients mainly Asian. I took that as a good sign.

    One inside a middle aged matron led me to tha table. Her French was limited but I still grasped that she recommended the Tonkinese soup. At € 7.50 the large version I found it a good deal. A large bowl filled with noodles, meat balls, slices of beef and broth. On the table a plate with fresh peppermint, soy, onion rings one can add to the soup. 

    It was a simple yet delicious soup. 

    Some candied ginger and a jasmine tea completed a perfect dinner.

    The place is named Kok and is located 129 bis avenue de Choisy in Paris 13th.

  • Belgian ?

    bar, Mastroquet, Paris, France 75012, Belgian beer, beer

    If you happen to stroll through the 12th arrondissement of Paris, east of Gare de Lyon the train station from which you can reach southern France and Italy, if you happen to follow this rather long street called Rue de Charenton you will come across this bar called 'Le Mastroquet'.

    If you like Belgian beers, I can only recommend you to make a short stop at this place. I write short but I think it could last a little more. 

    Why should that be ? Well, because first the atmosphere is pleasant. Second because while you sit you can enjoy looking at the 'quartier' life flowing by. Third because once you have tried maybe the beer of the month, you will feel like tasting another one.

    At lunch time they also have a small offer of dishes of the day which are good value for money.


    bar, Mastroquet, Paris, France 75012, Belgian beer, beer

  • Shooting in the park

    Paris is studded with many green areas.

    One on the most visited is Parc du Luxembourg at the hedge of Latin District.

    It is a perfect place to practice your photographic skills.

    Whether you are a fan of sculpture, portrait, flower, people photography you will find every opportunity

    to use your camera.




  • Where very few tourists go...


    I would like to introduce you to the André Citroen park.
    Located where the famous carmaker plant had been from

    1915 - 1972 and where much before a bleach producer was

    established it was opened in 1992.
    It is a very modern combination of gray stones, water,


    grass and flowers. A huge ballon which can accomodate up to 30
    adults and 60 kids can take you for a ride up to the sky. 
    It is the place where I do most of my portrait shootings.
  • Lunch

    Hi Folks


    To-day I had lunch with a dear friend in a very good restaurant I can only recommend to you.

    Its name is "Tante Louise" and it is located Rue Boissy d'Anglas in Paris.

    The food was very refined and the service just perfect.