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Café in Paris


Paris, France, café, photograph, food, restaurant, welcome

In Paris there are an awful lot of bad cafés, bad restaurants, ... So when I happen to find a place where I feel welcome, where the prices are sensible and where the food is good I tend to come back and try some other item on the menu. When the original rating gets confirmed I start going with other people, with friends.

I have recently added a new café to my personnal list. It is called Café Fusain. Located where Avenue Parmentier crosses Rue Saint Ambroise the dark red brown awning is rather discreet. But do not hesitate to walk over the threshold. Nathalie the head waitress a direct and a frienly young woman from Britanny will lead you first to a table and then through the menu and the daily specials.

On Friday I had andouillette with home made French fries and mustard sauce. Hummm...

Paris, France, café, photograph, food, restaurant, welcome, 75011

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